All Terrain Herbal Armor - Sticks - 10 Count

SKU HG1793801
All terrain herbal armor natural insect repellent sticks help to keep pesky pests at bay when you relax in your backyard, go camping or enjoy a picnic with friends.Simply light a stick, put out the flame, and affix the stick to the holder.Each deet-free stick spreads a pleasing fragrance in the area and confers its insect-repelling effects for approximately one hour.This box contains 10 of these natural insect repellent sticks.
country of origin : united states of america
size : 10 ct
pack of : 1
selling unit : each
ingredients : active : geraniol 4.00% lemongrass oil 2.50% citronella oil 1.50% rosemary oil 0.70% thyme oil 0.20% geranium oil 0.10% inactive : sawdust;vanillin
keywords : chemicals;fragrance;incense;insectifuge;pests

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